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Free client software for Citrix

Citrix Workspace is a free application for Citrix users that unifies software for professional purposes. Citrix Workspace is a single hub of applications, desktop screens, and additional activities. You will need to have a business login to use the app.

The developers of Citrix Workspace have additional programs within Citrix that are focused on security. Citrix Gateway is a virtual private network service that you can use at the same time with Citrix Workspace. Avast Small Office Protection is another security software for professional environments. While Avast Small Office Protection is made for smaller companies, Citrix is developed for any size business.

What is Citrix Workspace used for?

Today, remote work is on the rise, and as a result, employees are based in various places around the globe. Onsite employees often get to use company-owned computers and laptops with all the necessary software, while remote workers either get shipped equipment or bear with personal devices.

Citrix Workspace is a hub for on-premise and remote employees use to work. You can find applications, desktops, and more in the user interface. The application is linked to a company account with your user credentials, and the software you need is downloaded into your account by the IT department at the company you work for.

Citrix Workspace is tailored for each business that uses the service. You can personalize your interface by organizing your favorite apps and desktop screens. Citrix Workspace is safe to use since the workspace app is constantly patrolled for potential threats to make sure you have secure access to your account.

Citrix Workspace is cross-platform

Citrix Workspace is a cross-platform application that you can download onto Linux, Mac, and Microsoft Windows PC (including Windows 11) computers and laptops. With the ‘Tools’ tab, you conveniently download the app for multiple operating systems. 

You can download Citrix Workspace on handheld devices too, like mobile phones and tablets. The app can sync between two devices to give you a convenient user experience. You can access Citrix Workspace in your web browser as well.

The application makes switching to another device easy in the user interface. Your initials will appear in the upper right corner of the interface. You can click on the ‘Account settings’ once you tap the profile icon. 

Citrix Workspace features

The user interface is neat with a tabbed left panel to let you toggle between ‘Home’, ‘Actions’, ‘Apps’, ‘Desktops’, and ‘Files’. The main portion of the screen will correlate to the tab you click. Your favorite and recently used applications will be available to see in the home area. The desktops that you recently used, and your favorite screens are available in the home section.

The ‘Apps’ tab can be expanded in the left column. ‘All apps’ is an option that will appear to let you see the accessible applications associated with your account. The ‘View all applications’ button on the home screen lets you see the entire list of virtual apps. 

A star icon is available in the top left corner of each app to let you add your favorites to a list. You can favorite apps and desktops and both favorite sections can be found in the expanded list beneath the labels on the left or on the home screen. You can tap on app and desktop icons to safely open the programs and multiple apps and desktop monitors can be used at the same time.

A search bar is available at the top of the UI to easily and quickly find certain items. You can learn more about an application by selecting the three dots beneath the title. The account settings let you change your password in the ‘Security & Sign In’ tab.

Unified suite of enterprise tools

Citrix Workspace is an all-in-one endpoint management solution that makes enterprise software easily accessible to employees. While the user interface is cohesive, the commands are bland. Real-time evaluations let you know how secure your platform is. An entire array of employees can use Citrix Workspace as an organizational and productivity tool, and each user has a personal account to log into. IT department personnel can gauge the security of the network with the Citrix analytics.

What’s new?                                    

The Citrix team is constantly adding new app partners to work with like Wrike. The developers have improved the appearance of the user interface in previous Citrix Workspace software updates.


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  • Can run multiple apps and desktops


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Citrix Workspace for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.9
  • (242)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Citrix Workspace

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    My computer in the office has a MAC operating system and to be honest, I am having a hard time using it because I am more familiar with the controls of Windows OS. Fortunately, my sister recommended me this Citrix Receiver and with all honesty, my de More


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